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Here's all the details about this exciting new way to do a family portrait:
  • Minimum Time Spent: I'll come to your home (or a convenient location of your choice) and complete all photography within 15 to 30 minutes. That includes assisting you in selecting the best clothing and colors to use. Can your family find that much time to be together?
  • Flexible Scheduling: The portrait will be done around your family's schedule. Morning, evening, Sundays - any time you can all be together.
  • A Perfect Portrait Guaranteed: Your finished portrait will actually be a combination of the best expressions on everyone drawn from several "photo sketches" I'll make for your finished portrait. No need to worry about the clothing and hair looking just right. We can repair worn areas on favorite jeans, wind-blown hairs, bare patches of grass - everything just the way you imagine it could be.
  • No agonizing decisions: You won't have to go over and over several proofs trying to find the best one, because your finished portrait will have the best of everyone, naturally.
  • No long wait: In about 1 week I'll deliver your perfect portrait to you, signed, dated, and professionally matted to fit a standard 16x20 frame - the most popular size.
  • AND THE BEST PART - You own the reprint rights: Along with your portrait I'll give you a disc with your finished portrait in the high resolution size for you to print out on your own printer, or take to any Kodak photo or mall kiosk. You can also have traditional prints done from your favorite photo finisher. You'll own the copyrights, and so can do anything you want with them. As a special bonus, I'll also include a smaller version compressed and optimized for you to e-mail to friends.
  • It's a Permanent part of your Family's Heritage: Because it's in digital form, you can copy the disc to share with other family members and make a copy to keep in your bank box. Then, even if something should happen to your original portrait, you'll be able to make exact duplicates for literally generations to come!
  • No Sales Pressure: You pay only one fee for the creation of your perfect portrait that includes everything above. Any reprints can be done inexpensively by you, on your own schedule, whenever you want. For example, the Kodak Copy Station (found all over) can make you 8x10s, 5x7s, 6x7s, or wallets in only a few minutes with the push of a button.

Frequently Asked Questions

Isn't this kind of cheating? I don't want my portrait to look phony.
  If you think about it, this is actually an old-fashioned, classical portrait. If it was being done by an artist working in oils, wouldn't you expect them to paint each subject at their best? The only difference here is the medium. I paint with light instead of oils.
Do you photograph several poses for variety?
  No. Just as in an oil painting I create a single, optimum portrait grouping. If you want to select from a variety of poses with different artistic interpretations there are several excellent portrait photographers working in our area and throughout Oregon for you to choose from. This is an entirely different type of portrait.
Can you photograph people at different times and then combine them?
  Technically, yes. But because the lighting will always be different on each group the results are seldom satisfactory; so I don't advise it.
What if I still want you to make my reprints instead of doing it myself?
  If you prefer, you can order reprints from us from your disc. The only difference now is that you have many options.
Can I make a size larger than the 16 inch portrait included?
  Your digital file will print excellent quality up 24"x30" if you want.
What is included in the single price?
  Your commissioned portrait includes a 16" gallery-quality print on watercolor paper ; signed, dated, and matted to fit a standard 16"x20" frame, the disc containing both your original and e-mail quality files, and all copyrights which allows you to legally make your own reprints in any size or quantity. You can print them off on your own inkjet, use a Kodak or Fuji kiosk (found all over) or even have traditional prints made from your local lab.
Are There Any Other Charges?
  There may be additional fees if the location of your choice is more than 30 minutes from Junction City or if you want more than one group photographed at the same time.